Anthony Wachira

Committee Member

Anthony is an award-winning multifaceted professional, embodying roles as a coach, storyteller, training facilitator, speaker, and corporate emcee. As the Founder and Managing Director of ‘The Influential,’ a human capital development firm, he specializes in empowering teams and individuals to discover their X-factor – that unique advantage and value differentiator. His approach involves tapping into their passions, strengths, and core values to catalyze impact during times of transition. Anthony firmly believes in the inevitability of change, viewing it as a perpetual state of being.

With a rich portfolio spanning over 12,000 clients across five continents, Anthony has accumulated over 300 coaching hours. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences, as well as a featured guest on television and podcasts, reaching audiences numbering in the thousands. His clientele is diverse, from the C-suite executives to shop floor staff and he also sits on two boards.

Anthony won the 2023 Zydii Africa Trainer of the Year award after placing top of 600 nominees and Gold Trainer of the Year in the 2023 Digitally Fit Awards. Anthony has provided his expertise across various sectors, leaving a lasting impression on the spectrum of human capital.